4 Secret of successful weight loss

People who managed to lose weight successfully tell about 4 factors that helped them lose weight and maintain it at the optimal level.

If you constantly listen and read stories in the media, you might think that it is almost impossible to lose weight. The general opinion is rather discouraging. Of course, you can lose weight, but what’s the point, if then you still get it sooner or later? And since the structure of your body depends on your genes, what’s the point of trying to change something?

Well, there were encouraging news: regardless of the constitution of the body or genetics, various people successfully lose weight and support these indicators. Although it costs a lot of effort and dedication, you can also do it.

National Weight Control Register

In 1993, the National Weight Control Register was established as a way of studying the behavior of people who successfully lose weight. We wanted to see which methods are most often used by these people, since they can help us establish the best strategies for maintaining optimal weight.

To become a member of the Register, a person had to maintain a weight loss of 14 kg at least throughout the year. However, on average, the Registry members dropped 30 kg and maintained this weight for 6 years. These are inspiring figures.

Having become acquainted with these data, we do not see any confirmation of the idea that genes determine our destiny when it comes to weight. If people really had a genetic “border point” of weight, as some people say, why, for example, does the average weight of Americans increase every year? Although genes certainly play a role, they do not always predetermine your weight. Instead, they indicate possible weight limits that depend on your diet and the number of exercises performed. Therefore, you have more control over your weight than you might think.

Having studied the actions of 4,200 people who entered the Register, we determined 4 common characteristics of people who lost weight and successfully support it. These characteristics do not constitute a program for weight loss. But if you are looking for ways to maintain your weight, you may well start with these recommendations.

Eat foods high in carbohydrates and low in fat

Although many people come to mind only paste and bread when they hear the word “carbohydrates”, complex carbohydrates are found in many foods, not only in cereals, but also in beans and many vegetables. People from the Register say that they consume about 56% of calories along with carbohydrates and only 19% of calories along with proteins. Fats account for about 25% of their diet. They also say that they consume an average of 1,300 to 1,400 calories a day, but this figure is probably underestimated compared to how much they actually eat.

Remember that a good diet is not one that forces you to avoid certain types of foods. With too strict rules, it will be difficult for you to adhere to a healthy diet. The problem of most people is not so much that they eat the wrong foods, but that they eat too much. Moderation is important here.

And what about protein diets? People who sit on protein diets can lose and often lose weight. But the fact is that you can probably lose weight with the help of any known diet Members of the Registry shed weight, using different approaches.

However, we found that people who manage to successfully maintain a healthy weight, use a diet high in carbohydrates and low in protein.

Do exercises every day

Exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy weight, and perhaps more important than a diet. On average, members of the Registry every day devote an hour and a half trainings. Yes, that’s a lot. But then, as you are seized by despair, know that everything is not as bad as it seems.

Firstly, many people break their exercise program into short intervals throughout the day, instead of doing all the exercises at a time. Secondly, one of the most common exercises is walking, which is easy to make part of your daily life.

If you are just starting out, the main thing is not to rush. If you start too hard, it can cause muscle strain and frustration. Instead, gradually do the exercises until you get to the full hour. Or, alternatively, you can increase the number of steps. Buy a pedometer and record the number of steps you make on average per day. Then slowly increase this figure.

An hour or an hour and a half every day is a lot of time. But look at it from the other side: if you lose weight and can support it throughout your life with one hour of exercise a day, is it worth it? Many people will say yes.

Eat breakfast every day

Although some people try to lose weight by reducing the number of meals, in fact it is not a good idea. Usually, if you miss a meal, it will only mean that later you will be very hungry and start overeating. Starting the day with breakfast will help you avoid this, and on average the members of the Registry eat breakfast every day. A daily breakfast can also be a sign of the discipline with which these people relate to what they eat.

Keep track of your weight and nutrition

It is a habit that all people who successfully support their weight have, and which contradicts the common opinion. Many people believe that regular weighing focuses on weight rather than physical fitness.

We do not know exactly why regular weighing is a common characteristic of people successfully supporting their weight, but we assume that people use scales as an early warning system. People who regularly measure their weight immediately notice when they gain a couple pounds and can take any measures to prevent further gaining weight.

If you are less likely to check your weight, it may mean that you wake up one morning and find yourself gaining 5 extra pounds. It can be very disappointing, and in the end you can just give up.

The Myth of Easy Weight Loss

One thing Registry members keep telling us is that losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is not an easy task: it’s hard work. Diets that promise fast and painless weight loss usually do not give long-term positive results. Many people in the Register tell us that they started to lose weight only when they abandoned all these “simple” methods.

The problem for many people is that they work hard to lose weight, but then do not know how to properly maintain this weight. We found that the best way to do this is to do exercises and control your diet throughout your life.

It can sound tough, does not it. But according to people who succeeded, weight loss is worth it, and in time it actually becomes easier to adhere to such a regime.

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