What is useful for walking?

For man, a constant movement is inherent in nature, but with the development of civilization, its vector has changed slightly. If our ancestors dissected local latitudes during hunting for mammoths or in the process of farming, modern man is more focused on moral and intellectual movement.

Today few people are attracted to physical work, and we often form our leisure time in order to learn something new for ourselves – read the book in a cozy chair, watch an interesting film in a fashionable cinema, spend a vacation in a fashionable SPA hotel. Just like moving, a person is inherently lazy, and therefore all the benefits of civilization are designed to save time and effort – elevators, cars and services of various services, certainly facilitated the life of a modern person and improved its quality, but whether added health …

Do not give up the various benefits of civilization, just take the time to exercise, so necessary to strengthen the body. The easiest and most accessible to all categories of the population will be walking on foot. Walking on foot does not require any material costs, they are absolutely acceptable for children and for the elderly, for pregnant women and for amateur athletes, they can be combined with any other physical exertion and can be resorted to practically with any medical diagnosis (excluding seriously ill patients , lying, etc.). The only thing that is necessary is desire and time.

How to walk properly?

  • To the body received a significant benefit from hiking, you need to walk at least an hour a day, and preferably about two hours.
  • A walk through the hilly terrain is especially useful.
  • It is useful to go with different speed and intensity – start walking at a slow pace, then accelerate for a few minutes, as if you are slightly late for the meeting, then again, slow down; alternate the intensity of the step.
  • It is useful to start and end the day with a walk – in the morning it will help to cheer up, and in the evening will arrange for a quick sleep.
  • Periodically, remember the “right step”, which should start with the toe thrust and slow lowering of the heel, the hand with the need to make movements to the beat of the feet, and shoulders – to be in a relaxed position.
  • Choose comfortable shoes. It is better that it was athletic, but at least it should not be tight and on the heel.
  • Provide yourself with comfort while walking. Clothing for the weather, favorite music on the player or a pleasant company – all these are integral components of an effective process. You can walk in any weather – and in the cold, and in the rain – the main mood and comfortable clothes.

What cure is a walking trip?

  • Diabetes – in this case, regular and long-term walking is both prevention and the accompanying measure.
  • Excess weight and obesity – walks in a moderate or fast mode contribute to burning excess calories.
  • Cardiovascular diseases and stroke – walking tours are used at the stage of rehabilitation, as well as for the prevention of diseases in the prone to the elderly; while walking in the body improves blood circulation and blood circulation, it is more actively supplied with oxygen, the heart muscle works.
  • Sexual disorders – the reduction of sexual activity very often depends on the decrease in physical activity; those who keep cheerfulness and health of the body, even in adulthood, can feel the whole palette of sexual relations.
  • Rheumatism and joint diseases are the category of diseases in which one should be careful in physical exercises, but walking is an excellent solution.
  • Disturbances of the nervous system – changing landscapes in this case can be a source of positive mood, it helps to change from working rhythm to rest and relaxation; during walking, stress is removed, mental abilities are improved.

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